Galapagos Petrel

Gliding across the sparkling waves lapping the shores of the fascinating Galapagos Islands, the M/C Petrel takes after its namesake in many ways. A cutting-edge catamaran that was custom built for sailing in the Galapagos, the M/C Petrel smoothly and quietly navigates the archipelago while its 16 passengers relax in its premium, spacious social areas and observation decks. It hosts 9 generous staterooms, each with its own on-suite and sumptuous king-size or twin beds. It goes without saying that passengers will enjoy the trip of a lifetime in one of the world’s only pristine destinations.

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The expert chefs and highly skilled kitchen staff prepare incredible international cuisine, along with delicious Ecuadorian delicacies for guests at every meal. The service on board the M/C Petrel is so tailored to passengers that an explosion of delicious flavors is prepared for every palette and preference. In fact, Golden Galapagos specializes in customized cruises for their discerning clients, ensuring that the extraordinary endemic wildlife, stunning island landscapes, and colorful abundance of life beneath the waves are the focus of every activity, while the luxury catamaran provides every comfort imaginable for intrepid guests.

An experienced multilingual guide is on board the M/C Petrel at all times, accompanying passengers on excursions and even during down time to talk about the history and geography of the islands themselves, their endemic wildlife, and the activities offered. Guests enjoy different activities at each visitor point, including snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, birdwatching, and many others!

The M/C Petrel offers many exclusive features, including a fully-stocked bar offering refreshing signature drinks and international spirits on the top deck, giving guests the perfect place to enjoy cool drinks with 360o views of the surrounding islands and wildlife. It also features an al-fresco dining area, which is perfect for enjoying an open-air barbecue while taking in a stunning Galapagos sunset.

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to Choose PETREL

The Petrel is one of the best options to cruise the Galapagos Islands in style. Petrel was conceived for comfort and stability, it has a capacity for 16 passengers offering plenty space per guest onboard with high-end facilities

Petrel features panoramic ocean views from all suites thanks to its big picture windows and private balcony. Suites will feature biodegradable amenities, lounge areas outside and inside, fine bed linens and natural light illuminating the suites’ interiors.

Full Itinerary
Sleek and curvy catamaran

Ample suites
and staterooms

Open sky lounge
with jacuzzi
Al fresco
dining area

Great variety
of expeditions

Convertible accommodation in all staterooms
Top level